US Kids Golf 5 Club Stand Bag Set-LH Maroon

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Left Hand UL60 5 Club Stand Set, Maroon

The ultralight U.S. Kids UL60 5 Club Junior Golf Set is designed for the beginner to intermediate player.  The set is engineered with lighter, more flexible shafts, and the appropriate club head weight to help young golfers launch the ball with ease. 

Every U.S. Kids Golf Set has a unique length, weight, shaft flex, lie angle and grip size to ensure that young players have equipment that fits their size and game. 

U.S. Kids UL60 5 Club Junior Golf Set - Grey/Maroon Bag Features:

    • Optimal height range: 60 - 63 inches
    • WT-10s model (10% lighter club heads)
    • Carry stand bag
    • DV3 Driver (headcover included)
    • 4 Hybrid (headcover included)
    • 7 Iron
    • Pitching wedge
    • Longleaf putter